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Back in 1959 when Malinda and Clarence Schlarman began Schlarman’s Natural Foods on their family farm in rural Fort Recovery, the concept of alternative health care was not as popular as it is today.

The Schlarman’s found their roots in the wisdom of Father Herman Goldschmidt, then, pastor of St. Wendelin parish. He would frequently visit the Schlarman farm, and express his beliefs in the production of quality food, produced as God and nature intended. Father Goldschmidt taught Malinda and Clarence about organic farming, and the short comings of using chemicals and pesticides on the land. From these teachings, Clarence and Malinda began to farm and garden their land organically.

Malinda took this new knowledge to heart, and started attending health conventions and lectures on nutrition. As she began to realize the local need for such products, she eventually opened a small store in a room at the back of their home. This was in 1959, and from the very beginning she found people hungry for information about nutrition, and how it is related to the prevention of disease and premature aging. Father Goldschmidt always taught that man is a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical being, and it is our duty to give proper attention to each of these aspects, and to always seek BALANCE.
As business increased through word of mouth advertising, Malinda realized larger quarters were needed. In 1962, a new building was constructed near their home which served the needs of the business for quite a few years. Then in 1983, a new addition was added on the back of this building to make room for the increasing number of new products she wanted to handle, always being highly selective in quality brands.
Malinda worked hard, educated her customers to take responsibility for their own health, to become “label detectives”, to make wise choices and to prevent disease rather than create it with an unhealthy lifestyle. She loved to read and research to find information requested by her customers, which in turn added to her own knowledge.

In 1976 their daughter, Marge, began working in the business full-time, giving Malinda the chance to travel. Being the dearest of friends with Betty Lee Morales, an internationally known nutritionist from Topanga, CA, they literally traveled the world together. Betty Lee was known as the “First Lady of Nutrition” and was a dynamic guest speaker for many health oriented conventions and conferences.

Marge bought the business from her mother in 1992, and that same year she became a massage therapist, licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board. Malinda continued to be active in the business. Once again, outgrowing their store space, Marge had a vision of renovating the bank barn on the family farm for their new place of business. It became a 16 month project, and in September 1997, the move was made to the spacious, two –story 15,000 square foot barn. The light and airy ground floor houses the health food store, massage therapy rooms, and a book and card section. The ground floor is also where the Aqua Detox foot bath is used. The upper floor has become known as “The Loft” and is used for yoga classes, free public lectures and workshops.

Marge renamed the business, Schlarman’s Health Center to mean “a sense of community.” The staff at Schlarman’s remains dedicated to helping their fellow man in any way possible. We strive to keep up with the latest research through literature, seminars and trade shows. Malinda’s biggest wish is being fulfilled that her work would be carried on.

Now as Father Goldschmidt, Betty Lee, Clarence and Malinda have all gone before us; their Spirits live on through their teachings, and their efforts in enlightening all of us to a better way of life. All pioneers in the same field, they have left us a rich heritage, a beautiful essence which still remains here on earth.


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Schlarman's. We are proud of the work we do here and thankful for our amazing customers!

-Be Well