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We carry a wide range of brands geared to help you live your best life. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking

for a particular product or visit us...we would love to help you find the perfect match.


Marge has been around this business since her parents set up shop in 1959. Through the years, she has embraced every opportunity to learn, use and tell others about the amazing products that we carry here at Schlarman's.

Check out Marge's Favorites (below) and let us know if you have any questions...

Curamin & CuraMed

Extra strength for natural pain relief and inflammation

20% off everyday

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein

Superior nutrition for the body. Benefits healthy joints, skin, gut, and detoxification.

An excellent source of protein to provide energy!

20 % off entire line everyday


Macro Greens Superfood

One of the best ways to get your daily greens!

Alkalinize, Energize & Vitalize.

Pure Essence Supplements

Full spectrum, whole foods based vitamin and mineral supplements. Men, Women, and Prenatal Multivitamins.

25% off entire line everyday.

Sonne #7

Entire body detoxification and intestinal purification. Made from U.S.P. Grade bentonite.


Keeps me on the run! It maximizes your stress resistance, increases your motivation, and lets you live life to the fullest.

Soothing Advanced Arnica Cream & Tablets

Provides instant relief from pain, injury, bruises, and sprains.

Schlarman's Suprema Dophilus

Schlarmans Brand Suprema Dophilus & 35 Billion Probiotic- shelf stable

Stress-X Magnesium Powder

Sip your way to calm! Refreshing drink mix to help you wind down and relax while providing the benefits of 72 trace minerals in each serving!


Cell Power & Super Silica

Energize and PH balance every cell in the body with Cell Power & Support healthy bones, teeth, joints, & hair with Super Silica.


Adult Sinus Support & Sinuzyme

Promotes healthy sinus cavities, natural histamine response, and supports healthy immune function.


Homeopathic Candida control for children and adults

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Marge & Dr. Josh Axe

Marge is a big fan of Dr. Josh Axe's entire line of nutritional products. From Bone Broth Protein to Collagen Products, Fermented Herbs, Essential Oils and his Cookbook.

Visit Schlarman's to learn more about all of the above... (we carry the entire line) or give us a call and we'll ship it to you via UPS or USPS directly from our store.