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We offer massage and alternative therapies to help our customers achieve the best level of health they can achieve.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage is beneficial in treating a wide range of conditions, including muscle spasms and pain, soreness from injury, and headaches. Massage works to relieve pain in a number of ways; by promoting muscle relaxation; by increasing lymphatic circulation and thereby possibly reducing inflammation; by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions; by promoting blood flow through the muscles; and by promoting drainage of the sinus fluids.


Marge and Kari are licensed Massage Therapists and members of AMTA. They have over 40 years of combined experience!

Neuromuscular Therapy

This form of deep tissue massage concentrates on a specific muscle. Through the use of concentrated finger pressure, sensitive “trigger points” are released and blood flow is increased.


Service available by Marge and Kari

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a type of massage based on preliminary evidence which is hypothesized to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart.


Service available by Marge and Kari

Cranial Sacral Therapy

A gentle noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain.


Service available by Marge and Kari

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient massage therapy that works with the body’s energy zones through the feet. It’s based on the belief that each part of the body is connected through the nerve system to specific points on the feet.


Marge and Kari both offer Foot Reflexology services.

Aqua Detox

The revolutionary way to detoxify, re-balance and re-energize your body! Each session is a 30 minute foot detox treatment.


Taught by Amy Kemper RN, RYT


Yoga in the Loft - Monday 6:00pm & Wednesday 6:30pm

Yoga is mind, body, spirit and breath work. It is so much more than just the physical practice of asanas or poses. Just a few of the physical benefits of a yoga practice include stress relief, symptom relief, improved breathing, flexibility, strength, improved circulation, better body alignment and improved balance. Yoga has additional countless benefits for the physical body; it is a very valuable tool in the management of nearly any disease or condition.
Yoga goes so much deeper than the physical benefits. Yoga changes the mind. It is calming, relaxing and settling, while at the same time challenging. Yoga can quiet the ever-playing loop of self talk. Yoga is not a religion, nor is it a faith, though yoga can deepen your faith and spirituality, regardless of your beliefs.
There is yoga for everyone. Everyone can do some type of yoga

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